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Career Resources for LGBTQ+ Students

What is an LGBTQ-Friendly Organization?

An LGBTQ-friendly organization is one that protects lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer individuals from discrimination in their organization. Many of these companies also help organize LGBTQ+ support groups and social events for the LGBTQ+ individuals who work for them.   

What should I consider before applying to any company?

There are many employers that are inclusive of LGBTQ+ employees, but there are still many who are not. When deciding which company is best for you, consider what it would mean to you to work for a company that supports their LGBTQ+ workers. Here are some questions to help you reflect: 

Identifying LGBTQ+ Friendly Employers

Additional Considerations before Choosing an Employer

Additional Job Search Resources

What Interview Questions are Illegal for an Employer to Ask?

When should I Come Out at Work?

There is no ‘right’ time to come out. It is an important, and personal decision. There may be times when you can be outed during the interview process:

Additional Considerations for Transgender Students

Additional Resources

How NCA can Help

At NCA you can expect a non-judgmental and safe space to ask any questions or express any concerns related to your personal identity. Career Advisers and Career Counselors can help you navigate the resources in this document, and can help you identify Northwestern alumni who may be able to serve as an additional resource or mentor during your personal career development journey.


Some content on this page has been adapted from a 2017 Lambda Legal presentation & Georgetown University Career Center