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Career Resources for First Generation and/or Low Income Students

You're First!

Being a first-generation college student means you are the first in your immediate family to graduate from a four-year institution like Northwestern. Some first-gen students also come from a lower-income background where their parents’ income levels are strenuous on their families and therefore have a higher financial need during their time at Northwestern. Students with these backgrounds are often referred to as FGLI students (first-generation and/or low-income students).

Discussing your FGLI Identity with Potential Employers

Whether you are attending a company information session or meeting someone at a networking event, your FGLI identity may come up in conversation. Being a FGLI student IS relevant and it IS a part of your story. You have overcome many hurdles before and during your time at Northwestern and that is noteworthy. Mentioning parts of your background during a conversation like your hometown or part-time work experience shows employers that you are hard-working and determined. People remember details about others and chances are that an employer may also able to relate to your story and experience.

Grit and Transferrable Skills

Resilience and Self-Promotion

It’s strange talking about yourself, let alone trying to say how great you are. Chances are you are uncomfortable with self-promotion and really can’t think of the last time you probably had to say nice things about yourself. That’s okay! We are here to tell how you can do it humbly and still promote the wonderful future employee that you can be.

What to Know about your Career Options

There are a vast amount of career options that many students have not heard about and taking some time to explore your options can help you discover new opportunities you may have never known about before. You certainly should not discount anything as a potential option until you have explored it.

Recruiting Trends and Timelines

Know Your Value and Feel Confident

Northwestern Career Resources Just for You