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LinkedIn: Job Searching and Networking

Use LinkedIn to establish a professional online presence—a crucial element of networking, searching for jobs and internships, and developing your career. Your NCA career adviser can help you get started on LinkedIn and improve your profile.

Using LinkedIn to Source Employers

Follow companies of interest to learn more about them, stay updated on their news, see how you’re connected, and find career opportunities. Following companies is a great way to express interest and will be viewed favorably by recruiters from those organizations. When you find an employer of interest, look at the “People also viewed” category. This provides you with a list of similar organizations you might want to consider in your search

Using LinkedIn to Find Potential Contacts

Networking opportunities abound on LinkedIn, which has more than 500 million members. Connecting with people is a great way to learn more about career paths and form relationships that may lead to job or internship opportunities.

LinkedIn offers two helpful networking strategies:

  1. See Alumni: Find this tool on the Northwestern University school page to unlock a database of more than 130,000 alumni that you can filter by location, industry, and major. Consider requesting informational interviews with alumni to learn more about their work. You can look up email addresses in the Our Northwestern alumni database or send a connection request. 
  2. Groups: Find active groups that are relevant to your interests and goals, including Northwestern groups (such as Northwestern University Alumni) and professional groups (such as Area Startups or Marketing, Media, and Advertising Professionals). You can send a message to someone in the same group even if you’re not connected.

Using LinkedIn to Identify Opportunities

Millions of jobs and internships are posted on LinkedIn. Three easy strategies allow you to sort them based on your interests and preferences.

To learn more about networking, please visit Networking: Connecting with Others