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Professional Introductions

A professional introduction (also known as an "elevator pitch") is a brief summary you use when meeting someone new at a career fair, employer event, conference, or alumni panel. The professional introduction is a first impression—keep it brief, then shift the focus to the person you’re meeting. A professional introduction includes

Example 1

“Hello, my name is Monica Lee. I’m a senior in communication studies at Northwestern. This past quarter, I interned at a sports analytics company, focusing on translating data into social media communications. I was excited to see that you’re attending the career fair and was hoping you could share more about how data intersects with communications, both internally and externally, at your firm.”

Example 2

“Hello, I’m Leo Freemont. I will be completing my master’s degree in counseling psychology from Northwestern University this June. A highlight of my program has been serving as a counselor to at-risk inner-city students in group and individual settings. After listening to you on this panel, I was hoping you could share more details about what prepared you to be effective in your role as a residential therapist.”

Example 3

“Thank you for being on campus for the information session this evening. My name is Vanessa Bentley, and I am a junior in political science. My two years volunteering for a local politician allowed me to engage with a very diverse population to address community needs, which I really valued. I am interested in hearing more about how you’ve been able to engage with the community throughout your time at Family Co-op.”