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Part-Time Jobs

Part-time employment on campus or in the local community is a great way to earn extra money while developing valuable skills that you can highlight in in future searches for internships, jobs, and graduate school applications.

Work-Study Jobs

If you have been awarded work-study as a part of your financial aid package, visit the Work-Study Program website to view opportunities.  Students typically find work-study opportunities either through the work-study job board or by reaching out directly to faculty staff, or departments by email.  Often, a simple email is all that is required to be considered for any openings.  For non-work study roles on-campus, the most common method is to directly reach out to departments.  Emails should include the following information:

Sample Initial Outreach Email

Subject: Northwestern Student Seeking Work Study Position in Biological Sciences lab

Dear Dr. Sanders,

I am a first-year student at Northwestern University pursuing a degree in biology posted interesting in working on campus this fall.  I came across your job description on the Northwestern work-study webpage. Because of my interest in a career in research and experience with lab work in high school, I would like to apply for the work study position in Molecular Biosciences as a Laboratory Aide. If you have any additional questions, or require additional application materials, just let me know. Thank you for your consideration and I look forward to hearing from you soon.


Erika Gaines

Non Work-Study Jobs

Start your search for opportunities on QuadJobs, a website that helps to connect students with flexible, part-time or one-off jobs on or around campus.

Note: Jobs posted on QuadJobs are not reviewed or evaluated by Northwestern Career Advancement

Instructions for employers or community members to post positions on QuadJobs.