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Safety in Your Search

Whether you are doing a job or internship search in Handshake or through other online job portals, it is important to protect yourself from fraudulent opportunities and scams. While Northwestern Career Advancement carefully vets all employers and positions posted in Handshake, unfortunately in very rare instances, fraudulent employers can appear as otherwise legitimate organizations. NCA recommends that job/internship seekers exercise caution and use good judgment when reviewing job postings and responding to employers either in Handshake or other sites. Below is a list of common warning signs as well as next steps if you think you have found a fraudulent posting/employer. Remember to trust your judgment; if something seems off about a posting, it might not be legitimate.

Warning Signs of a Fraudulent Employer

Warning Signs of a Fraudulent Opportunity

If you encounter questionable postings in Handshake or other online sites:

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