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Valerie Schoonover

Associate Director, Employer Strategy

Associate Director, Employer Strategy

Employer industry portfolio: Consulting, Executive Search/HR, Govt, Law, and Policy

As an Associate Director of Employer Strategy, Valerie works with employers in the fields of Consulting, Executive Search/HR, Govt, Law, and Policy. Additionally, Valerie helps manage academic relationship with SESP. Valerie joined NCA in 2018.

Valerie earned her BA in English from DePaul University. Before joining NCA, Valerie worked in higher education, student services, academic registration, and event planning.  In another life, Valerie might have been a restaurant chef or physical therapist. Valerie also likes spending her time walking her dog, planning vacations and travel, and going to farmers markets.

Valerie’s favorite advice for employers: “Progress is better than perfection. Work with the NCA team to learn about students, and meet them where they are-don't feel the need to "do all the things" at one time because that leads to frustration and burn out. We are here to help with quality interactions and successful recruiting!”