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Résumé and CV Building for Graduate Students

Graduate students applying for positions outside academia often convert their CVs to résumés, which are preferred in industry and nonprofit settings. Though the CV and résumé have similarities, it’s important to understand when and how to use each document.

Converting A CV to a Résumé

Because graduate students may not have relevant industry experience, they must communicate how their experiences enable them to perform the required duties of a position. When developing your résumé, focus on translating your research and teaching experience into terms that will be recognizable to employers in your field. If your background is not an exact match, identify the skills you’ve acquired that are transferable to that particular position.

Comparison of a CV and a Resume


CV Resume
Length 2+ Pages 1-2 Pages

What to Include

Detailed overview of academic credentials and scholarly accomplishments Summary of relevant skills, education, and experience
When to Use

Academic research and teaching positions, postdocs

Positions requiring academic research, teaching, and publications

Grants, fellowships, and some administrative positions in colleges and universities

Most positions in industry
and nonprofits