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Get instant, automated and personalized career guidance through the VMock career platform. VMock provides Northwestern undergraduate and masters students with customized guidance for improving resumes and LinkedIn profiles – from anywhere, at any time of day. VMock has three modules to provide you with feedback:

Resume: Receive line-by-line suggestions for improving resume content based on your major and level of experience. VMock will tell you how well you have marketed communication skills, leadership experiences, and demonstrated impact on your resume. You will received an overall score your resume based on employer criteria and NCA resume standards. Note: students are provided with 10 resume uploads at the beginning of each academic year.

Career Fit: Once your resume is ready, navigate to VMock Career Fit. Built on predictive analytics and data science, Career Fit identifies the best fit careers and provides recommendations to better prepare you for your target career. Note: students are provided with 10 uploads at the beginning of each academic year.

Aspire (LinkedIn): Aspire provides instant feedback on your LinkedIn profile with targeted and personalized recommendations for improving language, content and keyword optimization. Using Aspire, you can strengthen your search engine ranking, improve profile visibility and create a consistent story across 'LinkedIn' and 'Resume' for recruiters.

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