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Considerations for Virtual Networking

There are many benefits to networking virtually including the ability to connect with anyone outside of your own geography and the flexibility to schedule at times outside of regular business hours.

Note that the best practices of networking, such as finding contacts, initiating contact, preparing for a conversation, engaging in conversation, following-up after the meeting, and maintaining contact, are the same when you network virtually. However, there are some additional considerations you want to keep in mind to make the best impression you can in a remote environment.

Choosing a Medium

While telephone and video conferencing are both options for virtual networking, video is preferred if possible because you are able to communicate not only through voice but also through non-verbal cues. Connecting via the telephone is a good second choice if video conferencing is not an option or there are issues with the internet connection. That said, if the professional you are connecting with prefers a telephone meeting, then that is the best option.

Making a Good Impression in Virtual Networking Meetings