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Service Updates and Announcements

Shuttle Service Announcements:

Evanston Parking Announcements:

  • Winter Recess and Holiday ParkingParking permits and garage fees will not be required during Winter Recess and University Holidays - 12/22/18 through 01/01/19.
  • Parking Reminders: Storage of vehicles in main campus lots/garages for periods of time exceeding 48 consecutive hours is prohibited.
  • Winter Break Parking: Long term winter break parking for vehicles with current parking permits is available in the Ryan West parking lot (# 101) from 12/03/18 through 01/07/19. 
  • Lot Closings: The Reservoir lot (# 104) will close for the winter season beginning Monday, 12/03/18.  
  • Parking lot gates and pay stations: Parking controls (gates, card readers and pay stations) in the North and South Parking Garages are now operating.
  • North Garage: While the North Garage occasionally reaches capacity, there are generally parking spaces available in the South Garage (# 211) and the Engelhart Hall lot (# 239) throughout the day.
  • Contractor parking: Construction contractors are prohibited from parking in all main campus lots, including the North Garage (# 105), South Garage (# 211) and South Beach two level structure (# 214, 215).
  • Resident permit parking in North Garage Resident student permits ("R", "R9") will continue to have temporary access to the North Garage.