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Elysse Longiotti

Associate Director, Student Career Advising

Associate Director, Student Career Advising

Student portfolio: PhD students

As an Associate Director for Student Career Advising, Elysse works with PhD students. Elysse joined NCA in 2017.

Elysse earned a Bachelor of Arts in History from Northwestern, a Master of Arts in Italian Studies from UIUC, and a Master of Science in Higher Ed Admin & Policy from Northwestern.

Before joining NCA, Elysse had experience in graduate recruitment with the University of Chicago, as an Italian language instructor as a graduate student, and (in another life) experience in Human Resources consulting prior to pivoting to higher ed.

In another life, Elysse might have been a B&B owner in Italy. Elysse also likes spending her time trying out new recipes, hiking (in sun and snow!), or playing around on the keyboard.

Elysse’s favorite advice for students: “As you explore your career options, spend time considering the level impact you want your subject matter expertise to have on your next step."