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Policies & Expectations

These guidelines for Northwestern University (NU) are effective for companies that recruit “on” and “off” campus. If you have questions or concerns about an employer’s adherence to these policies, please do not hesitate to contact Northwestern Career Advancement (NCA).

Offer Dates and Guidelines

Students should be given adequate time to thoughtfully evaluate offers of employment.

For organizations extending offers to NU students, we recommend the following: 

We understand there may be timelines that fall outside of these preferred windows, and/or a student may ask for an extension or exception to these dates. In such instances, 
We expect employers will: 

We expect students will: 

Once a job offer is formally accepted, it is the expectation that students will not continue to pursue other opportunities. NCA understands accepting a job offer is a significant decision and sometimes must be made without seeing additional potential offers through to their conclusion. We never encourage the practice of accepting an offer with the possibility of declining it later should another “better” offer come along. This practice, called “reneging”, can reflect negatively on you as a candidate, NCA, and other Northwestern alumni.  

Students with concerns about their commitment to an offer should consult an NCA advisor as soon as possible about the specific details of their situation. The earlier NCA is aware of these concerns, the better we can provide timely resolution and support. 

Attendance at Employer-Hosted Events/Interviews 

Throughout the year, NCA facilitates interviews and events designed to connect employers and students in meaningful ways, hosted both in-person and virtually. Examples include: virtual career fairs, panel discussions, networking hours, coffee chats, information sessions, and employer site visits. These events require a great deal of time and resources from participating organizations and an accurate attendee list is essential for planning purposes. Failure to show, especially when space is limited or based on an individual timeslot, reflects poorly on students and the institution. Students should only register for events in which they have the full intention of attending. In instances where students have repeatedly “no-showed” for events or interviews, NCA reserved the right to take action, including suspension of recruiting privileges.  

NCA's Anti-Discrimination Statement 

Diversity, equity, and inclusion are necessary for a healthy, prosperous, and fair educational experience. As career services and professionals, we affirm the expansion of Northwestern's statement on harassment and discrimination to include recruitment activities and students’ experiences within the workplace prior to graduation.  Northwestern’s Policy on Institutional Equity provides a definition for discrimination along with a framework for students, staff, and other community members to report employer-based discrimination, which the university will investigate and adjudicate.

If you have any questions relating to the policies set forth by NCA, please feel free to reach out to us at: