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Quinn Hegarty

Assistant Director, Student Career Advising

Assistant Director, Student Career Advising

Student portfolio: SoC & Bienen

As an Assistant Director of Career Management, Quinn works with students in the School of Communication and the Bienen School of Music. Additionally, Quinn serves on the NCA Fun Committee. Quinn joined NCA in 2023.

Quinn earned their Bachelor of Arts in Performance Studies from Northwestern, with a minor in French. Before joining NCA, Quinn has worked in the Chicago theatre and performing arts scene as both a performer and staff member, and was most recently the career adviser for theatre, dance, and cinema & television arts students at Columbia College Chicago.

In another life, Quinn might have been a vegan cookbook author and food blogger. Quinn also likes spending their time practicing yoga, seeing shows in Chicago, and traveling.

Quinn’s favorite advice for students: “In your career journey it can seem like there are a thousand different things you need to do - but you can only do one thing at a time. This is actually good news! Pick one next thing to do, and take action on it. You'll feel a lot better.”