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International Student Job Search

Covid-19 has made an unprecedented impact on employment across most, if not all, industries and job functions. There are many factors that are beyond our control and yours when it comes to the search, such as volume of hiring and work authorization. However, one thing we know is that regardless of timing, you still have goals and pursuits in mind. We encourage you to pursue that goal/pursuit, but explore and be open to the many routes that can be taken to get there.

Virtual Recruitment

All NCA sponsored fall 2021 recruiting activities, including the career fair (September 29 and 30), information sessions, and interviews will be held in a virtual format.  NCA is currently working closely with employers to schedule virtual recruitment offerings for fall.

Office of International Student and Scholar Services (OISS)

International students seeking opportunities in the U.S. will require authorization in order to work. Information on Curricular Practical Training (CPT) and Optional Practical Training (OPT) can be found on the OISS website. If you have any questions about how to request CPT or OPT, or how job/internship opportunities may impact your F-1 or J-1 international student status, please contact your OISS Advisor. Advising appointments can be requested through the OISS portal.

Job/Internship Search Strategies

Job/Internship searching in our current Covid-19 reality may be challenging and/or concerning. As you navigate the next steps, take action, be persistent, be agile, and keep working towards your goals.

Time zones have always made for challenges in scheduling calls or interviews. While very early or late night calls cannot always be avoided, you can minimize this providing multiple dates with times of availability that provide overlap with traditional business hours of the caller. We recommend that you visit the International Student Career Advice webpage for information on helpful job/internship search resources, including the International Student Career Planning Guide (PDF).

Handling Bias

We recognize that you may be concerned about or even face bias in your search process. This may cause discomfort for you in the form of anger, confusion, sadness, and disappointment. There is no excuse for any hostile, hateful, or discriminatory treatment.

If you have experienced bias and/or discrimination from an employer, related to the reactions and fears of coronavirus, we encourage you to reach out to Northwestern Career Advancement directly as a starting point via email at

By contacting NCA, we will be able to provide you support and connect you to other important services on campus, such as CAPS and Campus Inclusion and Community. It will also help us understand where and how bias is occurring, so we can be informed advocates for our international student and scholar community.