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NCA Assessment Tools

Making good career decisions requires you to reflect upon key qualities of your personality, interests, values and skills. Once you have an understanding of who you are, you can better figure out careers that are a good fit for you.  To take these assessments, schedule an appointment with an NCA career counselor by selecting the "Undecided on a Career Path" appointment type in Handshake.

NCA Tools for Assessing Interests, Values and Skills

The Strong Interest Inventory (SII)

This assessment measures your level of interest among a broad range of career-related areas and compares them to those employed in over 100 occupations. The SII helps expand your potential career options. 

Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)

This instrument is designed to help you identify your natural personality preferences.  The MBTI helps you better understand yourself:  your motivations, strengths, suitable work settings, and potential areas of growth. 

The Motivated Skills Card Sort

The Motivated Skills Card Sort helps you organize and rank transferable skills on two dimensions:  skills you possess, and skills you enjoy using. This activity is a quick and easy way to identify the skills that are central to your career satisfaction and success. 

The Values Card Sorts

Career Values Card Sort is a simple tool that allows you to prioritize you values. Fifty-four variables of work satisfaction—such as status, precision work, power, technical competence and public service— are listed and described.