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Career Tea in 10

Feeling like your career preparation is lukewarm? Then this podcast is your steaming cup of career advice, served piping hot and ready to sip in 10 minutes or less. Join Northwestern Career Advancement as we spill the career tea and dish out all the details on how you can prepare for your career journey. No matter where you are at in your career journey, listen in and let us help you brew up a future that’s nothing short of delightful! 

Episode 1: Consulting Unveiled: Strategies to Ace the Recruitment Process

In this episode, we delve into the world of consulting recruitment, where we unpack topics to help you maximize your chances at landing a coveted position at top firms. From understanding recruitment timelines, learning to maximize networking, and understanding the interview process, we explore the essential skills and strategies needed to stand out in a competitive field. Whether you're a student new to consulting or a soon to be grad looking for full-time roles, this episode is your ultimate guide to acing the consulting recruitment process.


Episode 2: Summer Success: How to Supercharge Your Summer For Career Success

In this episode, we unpack strategies for students to make the most out of their summers and get career-ready. From internships to side projects, volunteering, and skill-building, we explore a plethora of opportunities for students to gain valuable experience and enhance their resumes. This episode serves as a roadmap for maximizing your summer and laying the groundwork for a successful career ahead. Whether you're a current student or recent graduate, tune in to discover how you can turn your summer into a launching pad for future success.