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2020 News

This page provides all featured stories from our 2020 Dollars & Sense newsletters. You can also view our Current News or view Back Issues of our newsletter for more information.

Summer 2020

Published August 26, 2020
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Spring 2020

Published May 26, 2020

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Procurement and Payment Services Operational Update
In support of our staff members and following the University’s guidance on limiting non-essential staff on campus, we are implementing the following changes to mail delivery, accounts payable, and related services. 
Essential Purchases Only
As indicated by leadership in a communication to faculty and staff on April 16, most discretionary spending is being paused.  The overall goal is to mitigate spending with a focus on reducing non-essential expenses as much as possible. Your partnership as University leaders and budget leaders is critical to us successfully navigating a rapidly changing financial landscape. 
Additional Purchasing and Payment Policy Reminders
Even in these trying times, departments and schools should still adhere to certain procurement and payment core policy requirements.
PPE Supplies

Please note that Procurement and Payment Services is purchasing general personal protective equipment (PPE) to support a phased return to campus.

New Open Lab Sessions
Beginning in May, Procurement and Payment Services (PPS) was to begin hosting in-person monthly Open Lab Sessions, in which staff are able to meet our team, ask questions, and review processes.  However, during the Stay at Home order from the State of Illinois, we will be hosting a virtual open lab session via Zoom.
Payment Terms Update
Northwestern University's standard payment terms were temporarily net40, but have returned to net30 terms.
iBuyNU Update
PPS has been successful in working with Aquiire on stabilization and enhancement projects.  Many new features have been implemented that will make iBuyNU more efficient and user friendly.
Amazon in iBuyNU
We are excited to announce that PPS has been working to implement an Amazon Business Prime Catalog in iBuyNU.  The purpose of implementing Amazon Business in iBuyNU is to complement all of the Preferred Vendor catalogs already in iBuyNU.  
Information Session Q&A
Procurement and Payment Services have posted the May 2020 Information Session presentation slides, and well as Q&A.
Short Term Vehicle Rental Program with Enterprise
Learn more about the short-term vehicle rentals with Enterprise, through the direct bill program.
Fleet Management
Northwestern recently established a strategic partnership with Enterprise for fleet management.
Accounts Payable Management Update
After nearly 31 years of service to Northwestern University, Guy Wilson, Manager of Accounts Payable in Procurement and Payment Services, retired. Gary Ernsteen will serve as the Accounts Payable Interim Manager.


Winter 2020

Published January 21, 2020
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Procurement and Payment Services Information Session
Procurement and Payment Services is hosting a Procure to Pay information session. The presentation provides an overview of Northwestern’s entire purchasing and payment strategy. It will include a discussion about important policies and procedures, improvements recently implemented, current initiatives, and more. It is extremely beneficial for new staff, and a great refresh for experts.
Vehicle Rental Demo Now Live
A new online vehicle rental process demonstration has been added to myHR Learn. This demo provides students, faculty, and staff instruction on how to utilize the new vehicle rental process with Enterprise. The demo specifically discusses the ‘business use, local pickup’ and ‘student group, local pickup’ options, because those types of rentals allow for direct billing with your chartstring.
New Transportation Options with Lyft
We are excited to announce that Lyft is now a preferred rideshare partner for Northwestern. Schools and departments can now work with Lyft to set up rideshare programs to solve programmatic transportation needs in your department or school.
2019 Preferred Vendor Lab Expo
Thank you to all who attended the 2019 Preferred Vendor Lab Expo! Procurement hosted a Preferred Vendor Expo last fall, focused on our preferred laboratory vendors. 
Increase in Length of Time that a Supplier Record Remains Active
Effective immediately, supplier IDs will remain active for 24 months, up from 18 months.  As long as a supplier is used at least once every 24 months the record will stay active indefinitely. 
New Foreign Travel Expense Reporting Requirement Implemented
Effective September 16, 2019, a new reporting feature to the expense report process in NUFinancials will better track foreign travel dates and foreign spending by Northwestern.
Updated One Time Use Letter for Tax Exemption
Northwestern University’s Illinois tax-exempt status has been renewed.  The One Time Use Letter has been updated to reflect the new expiration date.