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Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Updates

December 10, 2020

Procurement would like to share new information regarding Personal Protective Equipment: 

PPE Supply Update - Gloves

Please note that Procurement and Payment Services will no longer be stocking vinyl gloves for distribution to departments and schools, therefore they will no longer be on the order form.  The reasons are as follows:

Departments and schools that need vinyl or nitrile gloves (for use in labs, health service locations, etc.) can be ordered directly from the following vendors, all of which are in iBuyNU:

If you have a specific use case for vinyl gloves and need assistance obtaining them, please contact Kim Li at

Fisher Scientific PPE Price Increases and Nitrile Glove Update

Due to global raw material shortages certain COVID impacted items will see a price increase starting on 1/1/21. Higher prices will be reflected in the Fisher catalog. Impacted items are listed at

There has been an especially large supply shortage of nitrile gloves and December orders will be impacted as follows:

Key Dates:

In the meantime there is a limited supply of nitrile gloves available through the on-campus Fisher stockrooms. Please inquire with the Fisher stockrooms or Mike Gorack for availability.

For questions about this contract, contact Kim Li at

Overture PPE in iBuyNU

Overture Promotions, one of Northwestern’s Preferred Vendors for Promotional Products, now offers Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) in a hosted iBuyNU catalog. The catalog includes items such as reusable face masks and branded 1oz clip hand sanitizers. Visit iBuyNU to browse the full catalog offerings. For product questions, contact our Overture Promotions dedicated representative.

For questions about the Promotional Product contracts, contact Julie Maul at

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