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Guest Travel

General Travel for Non-University Personnel

Non-University personnel may be reimbursed for travel expenses incurred in connection with their travel to the University including:

  • guest lecturers or researchers
  • consultants
  • research subject participants
  • prospective faculty or staff

Prospective employees may be reimbursed for travel expenses incurred in connection with an employment interview at the University, if authorized by the hiring department.

For questions regarding insurance coverage for non-employees undertaking University-approved travel, coverage for individuals whose employee status is unclear, or whether certain travel qualifies as approved travel should be directed to Risk Management prior to the trip.

Special considerations:

  • Review process steps for visitor expense reimbursements
  • Travel arrangements for the visitor should be made through the approved NU Travel Agencies and charged directly to the appropriate department funding source in the University’s financial system
  • Inform guests of the University's travel policy prior to their visit
  • Provide them with the appropriate forms (eg, Visitor’s Expense Report) for reimbursement
  • Review for forms properly completed and supported by original receipts

Direct Billing Arrangements

Per Purchasing Policy, departments/schools are not authorized to establish house accounts or credit cards in the name of NU. Direct billing arrangements for ground transportation (including taxi or car service) for guests of NU is also discouraged. Guests should be encouraged to pay their own bill and submit a reimbursement request for transportation services on a Visitor’s Expense Report.

Requirements for units that have been granted an exception to this provision:

  • a log of University guests or employees using the service must be maintained
  •  the business purpose recorded, and
  • proof of reconciliation of the billing to the log maintained

Courtesy Transportation for Guests (Car Services)

The Offices of the Deans and Vice Presidents may facilitate transportation if certain events and circumstances warrant courtesy transportation for University guests. These arrangements should be:

  • “rare” and infrequent occasions
  • use a corporate card to order the car services , or
  • make arrangements for a one time billing with one of the preferred car services

Booking Guest Travel

Guest travel, including airfare and some hotels (see local hotels below), can be booked through any of Northwestern's contracted travel agencies and directly billed to a department/unit chart string.

Contact information and hours for travel agencies
Egencia Travel 100 Group

Contact Info

Egencia Login

877-801-3068 (toll-free)
702-939-2532 (international)
Email Egencia

Hours of Operation


M-F: 9 am-5 pm
Sat: by appointment only
24/7 emergency support: 800-823-2593

For a detailed comparison of these agencies' services and fees, please visit the Travel Agencies page.

Booking guest travel trough Egencia

Travel arrangers may invite guests to register/create an account with Egencia, and access the system for a short time specified by the travel arrangers. Once the guest has access to Egencia they can book travels for themselves and the arranger will be notified since they will be the manager(s) of each guest profile. To learn how to set-up a guest profile please review the instruction guide.

Local Hotels

Northwestern has negotiated rates with many hotels located near the Chicago and Evanston campuses that can be booked by Northwestern faculty and staff on behalf of guests traveling on behalf of the University. Northwestern also offers discounted rates at extended stay hotels for long-term visitors.

For more information on booking local hotels, please visit the Local Hotels page. 

Reimbursements for Guests

The host department/unit must fill out a Visitor's Expense Report (pdf format) form for all guest reimbursements. Please note that the guest's signature is required on the form.

For more information on Northwestern's Travel and Entertainment policy (pdf format) and the reimbursement process, please visit the Policies and Reimbursements page.

Dining Discounts

Many local restaurants near the Chicago and Evanston campus offer fixed-price menus for Northwestern business meals that meet the guidelines outlined in Northwestern's Travel and Entertainment policy (pdf format). Please note that a Northwestern faculty/staff member must be present at the meal to receive the Dining Discount.

For more information on the Dining Discounts available, please visit the Dining Discounts page.