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Supplier Contract Management

Supplier Contracts is a module within NUFinancials which serves as a central repository for purchasing related contracts created on behalf of Northwestern University. Supplier Contracts allows individuals with assigned roles to author new contracts, submit for internal and external collaboration and/or route for signature.

Roles and Responsibilities

Users of the Supplier Contracts Module (SCM) will have new roles and responsibilities that are part of a contract life cycle and the system of controls to enable proper creation, collaboration, approval and execution of contracts entered into the system. Each individual within the contract life cycle provides the responsibility, knowledge and information to ensure that contracts entered into the system are authorized, accurate and auditable.

Learn more about the roles and responsibilities by reading Supplier Contract Management - Roles and Responsibilities.

Contract Management Life Cycle

The Life Cycle consist of all steps necessary to create a fully executed contract.  The steps include: 

Before Creating a Contract, please consider the following:


Training Resources

Supplier Contract Management Training Materials & Resources


Tracy Mrowczynski, Procurement Contracts Manager
Phone: 847.491.4255

PPS Customer Service
Phone: 847.491.8120