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Program Eligibility

All faculty and staff traveling on behalf of Northwestern are eligible to use all aspects of the Travel Program, though part-time staff must request access to use the Egencia online booking tool.

Graduate students whose travel is being paid for by Northwestern are eligible to use most aspects of the program, though they must request access to use Egencia. Note, graduate students cannot use the car rental contracts for personal use.

For information on booking travel for guests, please visit the Guest Travel page.

Full-time Faculty and Staff

Part-time Faculty and Staff

Part-time faculty and staff are also eligible to use the entire Travel Program but are not automatically added to Egencia. Please see the Egencia User Registration section below for instructions on requesting Egencia access.

Graduate Students

Undergraduate students are not typically eligible to use any part of the Travel Program.

Egencia User Registration

If you have graduate students or part-time (or temporary) employees who require access to Egencia, full-time faculty and staff can submit a request. Please fill out this Excel spreadsheet and send the completed form to Please note that you can put more than one student/employee on the form and access rights can be assigned for as long as three years. Please do not move or delete columns on the spreadsheet. After the form is reviewed it will be loaded into Egencia and the student/employee will be contacted with instructions. Please call Travel Services at 847-491-7569 if you have any questions.