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The following goods are wanted by University departments or offices.

Computer Equipment

Desktop or laptop computer - Contact Benjamin

Need a desktop or laptop computer to run  lightweight Linux bioinformatics software on. Current computer is from 2007, so anything made in the past few years will suffice. Macs won't work.

If you plan on throwing out old workstations-we will have them!

Benjamin Parker -
Molecular Biosciences

Posted on 3/24/23

HDD's, SSD's, expansion cards, old machines, or monitors - Contact Robert

Any old computers, expansion cards, and especially storage drives of any kind. And displays, functional or otherwise. Broken LEDs are preferred over LCD if possible. Working or non working, im not picky. I am building poor mans supercomputer and mega NAS in my basement out of old, busted, deprecated, or obsolete. Especially interested in Macintosh computers of any kind regardless of age.

Will come pick up.

Robert Pratt -
Cryogenics Facility

Posted on 12/8/22


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2 drawer file cabinet - Contact Julia

In search of a 2 drawer file cabinet

Julia Jamka -

Posted on 1/23/23

Medical/Lab Equipment

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Paper & Office Products

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Printers & Scanners

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Projectors & AV Equipment

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Toner/Ink Cartridges

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