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The following goods are available for sale.


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Computer Equipment

2010 Mac Pro - $499.99

H01480L9EUH  2010 Mac Pro

Carlos Gomez -

Posted on 6/27/18


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Various Home Furniture - -

Various home furniture items for sale:

Item Vendor Price
Master bed Mitchel Gold + Bob Williams $3,500
Montclair Loveseat Crate & Barrel $2,100
Elyse 360 Swivel chair Crate & Barrel $2,900
Karnes Twin sleeper sofa Crate & Barrel $900
Dining room table Expand Furniture $2,000
Upholstered dining chairs (4) Crate & Barrel $700
Folding dining chairs (4) Crate & Barrel $200
Round glass end table Crate & Barrel $200
Morocco outdoor dining chairs (2) Crate & Barrel $400
Hexa Bistro outdoor table Crate & Barrel $300
Dearborn entryway bench with cushion Crate & Barrel $800
Counter stools (2) Crate & Barrel $300
Brass table lamps for master bedroom (2) Crate & Barrel $800
Nightstands (2) West Elm $800
Coffeetable $100
Outdoor armchair CB2 $200
Kronos outdoor planters (6) CB2 $500
Tropez outdoor sofas with cushions (2) Crate & Barrel $1.800
Rocha outdoor side tables Crate & Barrel $300
Lantern floor lamp Room & Board $400

Peter Anderson -
Office for Research

Posted on 9/21/18

IKEA Furniture - 150

3 bookshelves (unknown model), 3 tables (unknown model), hutch

Peter Dinda -

Posted on 7/26/18

File Cabinets - -

Three 5-drawer lateral files; with keys

Christine Cox -
Counseling and Psychological Services

Posted on 7/19/18

Medical/Lab Equipment

eppendorf 5801R Centrifuge - Free

Centrifuge is operational but the lid does not stay up.

Tanushri Sengupta -

Posted on 11/9/18

Confocal microscope - negotiable

Nikon Ni-E Fully Automated XYZ Upright Microscope with 20,000 hour LED Fluorescence System and laser. Includes the vibration table and air compressor.

Craig Horbinski -

Posted on 10/26/18

PerkinElmer HPLC Flexar system - $18,000.00

Flexar HPLC system includes LC pump, Column Oven, UV/VIS detector, LC autosampler and Solvent manager. Used but in great condition; this instrument was maintained very well and it was on service agreement.

Tatiana Abramova -

Posted on 10/2/18

Four rodent shock/freeze chambers - $25,000

LIKE NEW  Clever Sys

Includes computer, software, dongle, and digital manual.

Freezing behavior has found wide applications and has become a standard experiment in the study of learning and memory in areas such as molecular biology, genetics, and cognitive science. However, manual observation of freezing behavior is tedious, can contain subjective bias, and suffers from lack of reliability, consistency and practicality. Moreover, it is slow and labor intensive, thus making it impossible to conduct experiments in large quantities. FreezeScan is a tool for automatically detecting freezing states in rodents that fulfills this demand for high throughput screening in Fear Conditioning experiments.

Joseph Sennello -
BME; Faulk Center

Posted on 9/21/18

: Beckman Model J2-21 Centrifuge - 1000

The Beckman J2-21 is a floor model centrifuge with induction drive and designed for easy operation. The instrument combines unparalleled safety and superior functionality.

Constructed to improve workflow and productivity, the high-speed Beckman J2-21 centrifuge has a performance speed of 21,000 rpm. The microprocessor control also provides automatic operation, and reduces the errors in repetitive run with its programmable memory where you could store about 10 programs. Moreover, the system offers a choice of ten dual-ramp acceleration and deceleration settings for gentle starts and quick running.

The Beckman J2-21 high-speed centrifuge is virtually maintenance-free. With its indirect drive system feature, the Beckman centrifuge runs with highly improved acceleration and deceleration. This leads to less wear and longer brush life of the centrifuge.

Other superior functionalities of the Beckman J2-21 include imbalance detection, auto temperature compensation, selectable breaking modes, auto overspeed compensation, and built-in diagnostics.

Kevin Kang -

Posted on 8/15/18

Beckman L7-55 Ultracentrifuge - 1000

PHYSICAL DATA Weight: 558 kg (1230 lb) Height: (to top of control panel) 1168 mm (46 in.) Width: 978 mm (38.5 in.) Depth: 699 mm (27.5 in.) Clearances: 100 mm (4 in.) sides, 152 mm (6 in.) rear maximum heat dissipation into the room water-cooled instruments: 1.35 kW (4600 Btu / h) * Freon-cooled instruments: 1.80 kW (6150 Btu / h) speed: 1000 to 55 000 rpm in increments of 1,000 rpm for speed control and display: digital readout indicates actual rotor speed in increments of 100 rpm rotor Temperature set temperature: 0 to 29 C in increments of 1 C normal operating range 2 to C ambient Temperature control and display Digital readout indicates actual temperature rotor 2 C of set temperature (after equilibration). Time Set time: Up to 9 hours 59 minutes or Higher

Kevin Kang -

Posted on 8/15/18

Doty Scieintif DSI-929 NMR probe for wide bore spectroemeter - $200

Doty Scientific DSI-929 NMR probe, 7 mm, 1H/X, XC high resolution solid MAS probe for use in a 300 MHz wide bore NMR spectrometer.  Probe optimized for lowest 27Al background, and minimizes 13C background.


Harold Kung -
Chemical and Biological Engineering

Posted on 6/20/18

OMX super resolution microscope - TBA

When fully functional, the OMX V4 is a structured illumination super-resolution microscope from the Applied Precision division of GE Healthcare. This inverted microscope uses a three-dimensional, laser-generated structured illumination pattern; high-speed imaging with three scientific CMOS cameras; and sophisticated computational algorithms to create three-dimensional reconstructions of fluorescent markers. The resulting image stacks offer two-fold improvement in resolution beyond the optical diffraction limit in both the image (xy) and axial (z) planes.

Needs replacement parts to be fully functional.

Michael McRaven -

Posted on 5/30/18


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Paper & Office Products

3 Pendaflex PortFile - portable file boxes; hanging files included - $40.00 (all 3)

3 boxes containing file folders. Never used; found in storage.

Viki Powers -
IT Admin & Finance

Posted on 10/5/18

Printers & Scanners

HP LaserJet 9050 - $100 each or OBO

Quantity - 2 available

HP LaserJet 9040/9050: Base models

HP LaserJet 9040n/9050n: n models

All of the features of the base model plus:

HP LaserJet 9040dn/9050dn: dn models

All of the features of the n model plus:

Ted Quiballo -
Northwestern University Libraries

Posted on 11/7/18

HP LaserJet Pro 400 Color Printer - 250

HP LaserJet Pro 400 color (M451nw) printer with full BW and colored toners.

Vy Nguyen -
Farley Center for Entrepreneurship

Posted on 8/15/18

IQSmart 2 Hi-End Scanner - $3,000 or best offer

Professional scanner for film and print materials.

Dan Zellner -
Northwestern University Library

Posted on 5/15/18

Projectors & AV Equipment

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Toner/Ink Cartridges

Xerox Phaser 7800 toner - $50.00 each

Two Black high capacity toner cartridges; one magenta, one cyan, one yellow.  Cartridges are $50 each and are new in box and unopened.

Andrea Gurr -
Global Marketing and Communications

Posted on 8/31/18