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The following goods are available for sale.

Computer Equipment

Kensington Comfort Gel Mouse Pad - $19.95

Brand new mouse pad with ergonomic gel wrist support. Reselling because the pad's material doesn't work well with my Logitech mouse. I recommend pairing this mouse pad with a Kensington mouse.


Abby Kisicki -
WCAS Anthropology

Posted on 9/12/22


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Leather Chair - $50 each

2 large brown leather chairs available; varying amounts of wear. $50 each

Liza Gaertner -
University Enrollment

Posted on 9/23/22

Standing Lamp - $35

modern, ability to dim or heighten light


Debra Chandler -
International Institute for Nanotechnology

Posted on 3/8/22

Medical/Lab Equipment

Beckman CytoFLEX Flow Cytometer - 37K

Fluorescence channels activated are (as indicated in one of the photos): 525/40, 585/42, 690/50, 780/60, 660/10, 780/60


Dai Horiuchi -

Posted on 9/9/22

FC500 MCL Flow Cytometer System - $20,000 or best offer

Beckman Coulter Cytomics FC500 MCL Flow Cytometer System and accessories in good working condition. Company still supports the system. Five color, easy to use flow cytometer.


James M Mathew -
Surgery - Transplant

Posted on 8/2/22

Gel and Blot Imager - $7,000

LAS 4010 Gel Imaging System. Fully Functional. Includes computer w. software

 The  LAS 4010 gel imaging system allows visualization, imaging  of macromolecules in stained gels, fluorescent gels and chemiluminescent blots. The system can also image test tubes, petri dishes, plates, etc.


Arabela Grigorescu -
Molecular Biosciences/ Keck

Posted on 7/21/22

BioXp™ 3200 system - $3,000 or best offer

BioXp™ 3200 system automated synthetic biology workstation for building gene fragments, clones, and libraries


Tatiana Abramova -

Posted on 5/24/22

comPOUND -20 storage freezer - $9,000

comPOUND provides secure storage for 2D barcoded tubes at -20??C, +4??C, and ambient temperature.  Its innovative carousel system delivers high density storage within a small footprint, compact unit and allows for rapid retrieval through the convenient vending machine style design. The modular approach allows facilities to scale flexibly, connecting individual units across locations using innovative and reliable pneumatic transport technology.

Steven Matz -
Office for Research

Posted on 5/24/22

TE2000U with CCD camera, bright field and fluorescence - $6,000, negotiable

TE2000U acquired in 2002. Equipped with CCD camera, bright field/fluorescence imaging, in good condition, software included. magnification dial 1-1.5x needs to be fixed, otherwise fully working.


Alexandra Kolot -

Posted on 5/9/22

A PerkinElmer Altus HPLC with MS Altus SQ Detector - $76K or Best offer

A PerkinElmer Altus HPLC system with LCMS Altus SQ detector for liquid chromatography applications. The Altus SQ Detector integrates seamlessly with the Altus HPLC and provides fast, reliable mass confirmation of solid and liquid samples. System also includes Parker nitrogen generator.


Tatiana Abramova -

Posted on 4/19/22


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Paper & Office Products

HP Laserjet 507A - Best offer

Sarah Son -

Posted on 5/9/22

Printers & Scanners

No listings

Projectors & AV Equipment

Assorted Theatrical Equipment - $700

Lighting & Sound Consoles, Various AV equipment.


Peter Anderson -
Wirtz Performing Arts Center Evanston

Posted on 9/9/22

Toner/Ink Cartridges

Panasonic Toner Cartridges - Best offer

5 unused toner cartridges, compatible with the following Panasonic models: DP-1520P, 1820E, 1820P, 8016P, 8020E

Joe Fournier -
Preventive Medicine

Posted on 6/9/22