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UPS Shipping

Items sent by UPS can be processed through Mail Services on the Evanston campus or through the Tarry Shipping and Receiving area on the Chicago campus. UPS shipping is to be used for University business only; personal packages will not be accepted.

The most efficient way to ship UPS is to become a registered Campus Ship user. You can create your shipping documents and provide information for billing online. If you are not a user and would like to be, contact Jackie Nelson at 847-467-3240. Shipments can be given to your mail carrier or directly to a UPS driver.

Evanston campus

  1. Complete the Request for UPS Services form, making sure to check the UPS box. Indicate if the package is to be sent overnight air, two-day air, or ground service. Attach it to the package. Please note: users in the Technological Institute should also complete the Request for Mailing Services form.
  2. The package may be left with your Evanston mail for pickup, or it can be brought to the Evanston Mail Center located at 2020 Ridge Avenue or the Technological Institute.
  3. The package will be shipped on the next UPS truck. UPS makes a daily pickup at approximately 3:30 p.m. at the Mail Centers in 2020 Ridge Avenue and the Technological Institute.

Chicago campus

  1. Fill out the work order information. Show the package destination in the "Work to be Done" section of the work order.
  2. Leave the package at the shipping and receiving area in the Tarry Building.
  3. The package will be shipped on the next UPS truck. UPS makes a daily delivery and pickup at approximately 10:30 a.m.,
    but will return in the afternoon for any express mail letters or packages.

Prices for different service types can be obtained from Evanston Mail Services or Tarry Building shipping and receiving.