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Summer 2020
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Guide to Personal Protective Equipment Supply Ordering

Procurement and Payment Services is coordinating several campus wide PPE initiatives. Every undergraduate student will receive a PPE kit as they exit the testing centers. PPE kits for graduate students will be ordered from Procurement by their school and the school will be responsible for distributing the kits to their students. Read the PPE guide to learn about the entire campus PPE strategy. 

Amazon Business added to iBuyNU

The Amazon Business Prime Catalog has been added to iBuyNU. The purpose of implementing Amazon Business in iBuyNU is to complement all of the Preferred Vendor catalogs already in iBuyNU. It will allow you to purchase items not available through our other Preferred Vendors. 


Fiscal Year End Preparation

As we conclude Fiscal Year 2020, we encourage you to visit the Northwestern Fiscal Year End website for important information. We have also included some key PPE dates to our website.


Net30 Payment Terms

Standard payment terms have returned to Net 30. Even though our standard payment terms in the past were net 30, NUFinancials was configured to essentially pay net now. The standard for vendors will now be a true net 30 and we will make few exceptions to this.


Operational Update

Procurement and Payment Services would like to share a few operational changes for the fall. These changes are related to Mail Delivery, Accounts Payable, and related services.

Contractor Safety and COVID-19 Vendor Procedures

Northwestern has developed a Contractor Safety Program to provide our contractors with a clear understanding of Northwestern’s expectations that all work performed on University property is safe. In addition, the University has developed a COVID-19 Return to Campus Policy with the intention to mitigate the risks of spread of COVID-19.

Regular Features

New Contracts
Includes new printing contracts, translation vendor, and more

Existing Contract Updates
Chicago Fitness Program update, and more

Contracts We're Working On
Copier management program, timekeeping software, and more

Sustainability Highlights
Improved pricing on recycled paper with Northwestern’s preferred office supply vendor Office Depot OfficeMax. 

Wildcard Advantage Updates
Includes Local Foods, Complete Chiropractic and Rehab, and more

General Reminders
Ship-to code information, home office purchases, and more

Phishing Attempt Alert

A Northwestern staff member was recently asked to provide personal information to someone posing as a vendor. Read more about the phishing attempt.

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