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Add a Supplier


A supplier may be classified as a Supplier, Independent Contractor, Refund for Non-Employees, or Attorney. Each supplier type requires specific information and documentation for a supplier ID to be established in NU Financials. Please note that certain requests may require additional documentation or verification in addition to what is listed below, where appropriate.

Suppliers may be prevented from doing business with NU when evidence of improper conduct exists. This includes, but is not limited to inclusion on Federal “do not use”, suspended, debarred or excluded parties lists, fraud, collusion, attempts to improperly influence a bid, indictment of the bidder/contractor, or previous performance issues. Procurement and Payment Services will ultimately be responsible for final determination/approvals.

Before Collecting Information & Submitting a Request

Collect this Information to Add a Supplier

*NOTE:  Supplier registration requests for payment of honoraria, awards, prizes human research subjects and royalties do not require the Individual Worker Classification form.  For these types of payments the Comments section of the supplier registration request must include a very detailed explanation indicating what was done and the reason for payment.  Explanations such as “honorarium” will be returned for additional detail and will affect processing time.

"Honorarium" is often used incorrectly when processing payments.  An honorarium should be sent to a person in lieu of reimbursing specific expenses.  Consider it like a speaking fee or a consulting payment.

These are some situations that are NOT an honorarium:  teaching a class, paying a contract for a speaking engagement, or giving an honorarium to a company. 

Questions about how to classify a payment?  Contact Human Resources Compensation at subject line "Worker Classification." 

Submitting a Request to Add a Supplier


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