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Guide to Personal Protective Equipment Supply Ordering

August 26, 2020

To prepare campus and reduce waste, Procurement and Payment Services is coordinating the roll out of several campus wide PPE initiatives and centrally sourcing numerous items for distribution to campus upon request by departments and schools.  The overall strategy is as follows, as we prepare for the fall quarter:

Student PPE kits

As we approach the fall quarter, below is information related to the return to campus PPE kits that will be provided to full time students (1 each):

PPE supplies being centrally sourced by PPS

The above items can be ordered using the PPE order form on the PPE Supply Ordering webpage.  Please note:

 Campus wide initiatives

Please note that these PPE supplies are in short supply and are very hard to get.  The entire reason Procurement and Payment Services is ordering them centrally is so departments and schools are not tripping over each other and competing with each other for the same hard to get supplies from the same vendors.  When your designated staff submits an order form, it routes to Procurement and we fulfill it and deliver it out of the stock we already have (no chart string is needed).  It is open to all schools and departments.

This is also being done so distribution is equitable.  Ordering too many to stockpile affects others from being able to get some.  If you see disinfectant wipes/spray or a pump bottle of hand sanitizer on a counter somewhere, assume it was put there for a reason, it should not be taken for personal use.  If you have reusable masks (which everyone on campus should have), you should not be taking handfuls of disposable masks from the PPE stands in the lobby of each building.

Items not being centrally sourced

If departments and schools are in need of other PPE supplies not available on the order form, please reference the following important information:

For those items needed by departments ad schools that are not being purchased and stockpiled by Procurement, such as Nitrile gloves, gowns, face shields, safety goggles, etc., we highly recommend that you utilize the Preferred Vendors in iBuyNU as often as possible. They are receiving regular stock and have been outstanding partners during all of this.  Some of these vendors are listed below:

Branded masks or hand sanitizer

1 - Overture Promotions
Contact: Kaley Sullivan, 

Perry Ellis Mask - Color Black, Grey, White

Pricing for Masks






price per each

 $ 4.65

 $ 3.95

 $ 3.50

 $ 3.00

 Hand Sanitizer 8oz bottle with pump

Case Quantity: 25 bottles
Case Price: $125.00


2 - Corporate Imaging Concept (CIC)
Contact: Nicole Cater, 

Mask #C-500DM – Colors:  Black, White, Grey and Purple






 $ 6.85

 $ 6.60

 $ 6.41

Domestic production 5-10 business days





 $ 5.44

 $ 5.19

 $ 4.93

Overseas production 2 weeks FOB LA

 Hand Sanitizer Gel Packet #20590-002-12

 3-Pack Gel Sanitizers with custom pack #95053

 Sanitizer Gel Packet #ABL1430


3 - 4Imprint
Contact: Karla Kohlmann or

100% Cotton Mask#158533.S  Color, White, Black, Purple










 $ 3.77

 $ 3.17

 $ 2.91

 $ 2.79

 $ 2.69

 $ 2.58

 $ 2.40

Pocket Spray Sanitizer #104314-80


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