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Contractor safety and COVID-19 vendor procedures

August 26, 2020

Northwestern values its relationships with our business partners and is fully committed to environmental health and safety (EHS). The University has developed a Contractor Safety Program to provide our contractors with a clear understanding of Northwestern’s expectations that all work performed on University property is safe. In addition, the University has developed a COVID-19 Return to Campus Policy with the intention to mitigate the risks of spread of COVID-19.

The Contractor Safety Program and COVID-19 Return to Campus Policy apply to all contractors who undertake the provision of materials, labor, or services pursuant to a purchase order or service agreement with the University. Contractors retain primary responsibility for ensuring that any and all employees or subcontractors performing the aforementioned provisions adhere to this program and policy as well.

All contractors and subcontractors are expected to adhere to the Contractor Safety Program and the COVID-19 Return to Campus Policy in order to sustain a safe and healthy campus. Contractors and subcontractors who violate applicable federal, state, and local laws, or University policies and procedures governing EHS, may be subject to disciplinary action under University policies and procedures.

Procurement has partnered with the Office of Risk Management to contact our current Preferred Vendors and Pre-Qualified Vendors to ensure they complete the acknowledgements. Prior to bringing a contractor on campus, Northwestern departments and units must ensure that contractors have completed the online Contractor Safety Program and COVID-19 Return to Campus Policy acknowledgement by referencing the approved list here. If the contractor is in the approved list, you may proceed with bringing them on campus. If the contractor is in the pending list, they have been contacted to complete the acknowledgement but have not yet do so, and therefore are not permitted to work on campus. If the contractor is not listed on either list, click here to request adding them to the Northwestern database. The Northwestern contact will be notified when the contractor completes the acknowledgement.

More information is available on the following pages:

For additional information or questions, please contact Chris Yohe in the Office of Risk Management at 847-467-6342 or

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