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Check Printing

December 10, 2020

Our primary banking partner at Northwestern is Chase.  We have recently worked with them to handle the printing and mailing of vendor checks.  For all vendors that have elected to have payments made to them by check, these checks are now printed by Chase instead of Accounts Payable. Chase then mails the check to the vendor on our behalf.  Please note that these payments show as EFT in NUFinancials, not CHK, even though they are not electronic funds transfers.  The guide below shows each type of payment and their numbering sequence:

Payment Begins With

Payment Method



Live check prints out at 2020 Ridge



Live check that is printed by Chase and mailed out by the bank



Automated Clearing House/Direct Deposit Payment.  Should be in bank account the following day



Credit card payment.  The supplier needs to run the dedicated credit card through their bank for processing.

Request to have checks held for pick-up should be minimized.  Emergency checks, which should be rare, can be accommodated by contacting Accounts Payable at  Please allow for up to a 48-hour turnaround time.

Please note that it is still our goal to have vendors sign up for one of of our electronic payment programs.  Additional information is available at

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