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Employee Discount Programs

Procurement and Payment Services runs programs that provide discounts to Northwestern community members:

Special Pricing from Preferred Vendors

Preferred Vendors occasionally extend special pricing for faculty, staff, and students for personal use, though they are not obligated to do so. University funds must not be used for the personal purchase of goods or services for employees. In addition, purchases from Preferred Vendors for personal use are also subject to sales tax.

Some of the vendors that offer discounted pricing on some items for personal purchases include:

If the above link leads to a Northwestern vendor profile page, look under "Personal Purchase Discounts" for discount details.

Wildcard Advantage Program

As a courtesy to Northwestern employees and students, the Wildcard Advantage program offers a listing of discounts for personal use. Evanston and Chicago businesses interested in offering a discount for goods or services to University employees and students may list this discount in the Wildcard Advantage Program directory.