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Space Reservations

Residential Services manages a number of reservable spaces that exist to benefit residential students. The primary audience for events hosted in reservable spaces managed by Residential Services is residents of the Area in which the space is located, with more leeway provided to requests for outdoor space. The principle used to make reservations divides the reservable time in one day into thirds:

  1. Open access for residents
  2. Area-wide programming
  3. Residence-based instruction and academic support


Available Rooms

Virtual tours are available for many of our spaces.  Please click on the name of the space below to begin your tour. Please follow University guidelines for COVID-19 when using these spaces.

Map of Outdoor Event Spaces
North Area

Reservable Space

# of People
 Schapiro Hall 101A 21-50
Schapiro Hall 101B 28-60
Schapiro Hall 101A & 101B 56-100
 Schapiro Hall 104 30
Schapiro Hall Conference Room 10
Schapiro Hall Patio
 Elder 030 25
 Elder 032 15
Elder Courtyard
 Elder Dining 206
 Elder G15 Lounge 60
Kemper Study Rooms* 4
North Area Lawn**

Northeast Area

Reservable Space # of People
Northeast Area Quad**
Lisa’s Café Patio**
Northeast Area Basketball Court**
Northeast Area Lawn (between Ayers and Slivka)**
Sargent Dining 186
Sargent Private Dining 12

South Area

Reservable Space

# of People
1838 Chicago Patio TBA
Allison 1021 16
Allison Dining 179
Allison East Mezzanine 25
Allison Lawn
Allison 531B "Garage" (formerly Allison Private Dining Room) 15-25
Allison West Mezzanine 25
Shepard B05 20-48
Shepard B06 (no technology) 8
Shepard B08/09 16-24
Shepard B20 (Kitchen) 20
Shepard B25 26-50
Shepard Study Rooms* 2-4
South Area Quad
Sorority Quad (between 630 Emerson & Rogers)**
South Area Lawn (between Allison and Shepard)**

Southwest Area

Reservable Space

# of People
Foster-Walker East Dining 122
Foster-Walker West Dining 108
FW West Private Dining 23
Southwest Area Basketball Court**
Southwest Area Lawn**
Willard B06 10-16
Willard B72 24-56
Willard Fire Pit
Willard Great Room

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