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All Gender Housing

All Gender Housing refers to an arrangement whereby students, regardless of sex, gender, or gender identity, are permitted to share a room or suite in select areas of Northwestern’s campus residences. The primary reason for such a policy is to provide housing options that take into consideration all identities and preferences, and to ensure a safe and comfortable environment for all students. All Gender Housing is not intended for romantic couples.

All undergraduate students have the opportunity to opt in to All Gender Housing.

In Graduate Housing, residents can elect for their own apartment to be considered all gender, though there are not designated floors for All Gender Housing.

Please review the All Gender Housing Guide to learn more.

To learn more about the gender section of the housing application, click here

Undergraduate Residence Halls & Residential Colleges

All Gender Housing is available in the following locations for undergraduate students:

Graduate Residence Halls
 All Gender Bathrooms
In addition to All Gender Housing options, students and guests can utilize gender affirming bathrooms in many of our residence halls and residential colleges as all single-use bathrooms are considered All Gender. Please reference the All Gender Bathrooms in Common Areas map to see both public bathrooms in each Residential Area as well as bathrooms for residents and their guests.

Are there extra costs for All Gender Housing?

No. The cost of housing is based on the residence hall and room type.


How can I indicate/change my gender identification?

First-Year and Transfer Students

When completing your initial housing application, students can indicate their gender identification. Unless a student indicates a want or need for all gender housing, students will be placed with another student that shares the same gender identity.

Returning Students

Students who have a housing application on file can indicate/change their gender identification when updating their housing preferences before Housing Selection. Unless a student selects a room within All Gender Housing, students will only be able to share a room with another student that shares the same gender identity.

Note: Students do not have access to the “Preferred Gender Identification” field after they have signed their housing contract. If a student wishes to change their gender identity after they have signed a contract, one can do so by emailing Residential Services at

What if I want to live in a hall that is not available for All Gender Housing?

Students who originally select All Gender Housing on their housing application can request a new space by contacting


How do roommates in All Gender Housing work?

Students interested in living in All Gender Housing can self-select roommates who also wish to live in All Gender Housing. However, if you do not specify a roommate, Residential Services will pair you with a roommate also interested in All Gender Housing.


What happens if my roommate cancels their contract?

If your roommate cancels their contract, you will have the opportunity to choose a new roommate. If you do not know of a potential new roommate, Residential Services will assign a roommate who also selected All Gender Housing on their application.

What if I become uncomfortable living with my assigned roommates?

To help students establish an effective and successful partnership with their roommate(s), we encourage residents to fill out a Roommate Agreement with their Resident Assistant (RA). Our initial strategy is to have roommates discuss issues that create conflict or discomfort. Residential Life staff members are available to assist with mediating roommate conflicts.


Will any student be assigned to All Gender Housing without knowing?

No. All Gender Housing assignments will only be given to residents who specifically request those spaces.


How do I sign up for All Gender Housing?

New first-year and transfer students interested in All Gender Housing should indicate the need or want on their housing application. Preview the gender section of the housing application to see the options available to you. Current residents who are interested in living in All Gender Housing for the next academic year can self-select a space during the Returning Student Room Selection process.

Who is eligible to live in All Gender Housing and is there an age requirement?

All Gender Housing is available to all Northwestern University Students.

When do I sign up for All Gender Housing?

Students indicate interest in All Gender Housing on the Housing application to gauge interest before Returning Student Room Selection or New Student assignments begin. This portion of the application can be previewed today.


How do bathrooms/restrooms work in All Gender Housing?

All designated bathrooms/restrooms within the All Gender housing portfolio are gender-neutral and are configured in various ways (e.g. suite style bathroom, hallway bathroom/restroom with single stalls, etc.). If you're living in a All Gender Housing community that sets bathroom/restroom use, we encourage you to attend the initial floor meeting, where bathroom/restroom use will be discussed.

How will my roommate be assigned?

When you fill out your housing application you will be asked for your gender identity/expression. Unless you self-select to live in All Gender Housing, you will be placed with a student that identifies as the same gender as you.


Is All Gender Housing available only to students who identify as LGBTQ?

No. Although one of the goals of All Gender Housing is to address tensions often felt by queer and transgender students in finding a compatible roommate, All Gender Housing exists to allow any two students to live together, regardless of gender identity.


Who can I call if I have questions about All Gender Housing?

Feel free to call Residential Services, at 847-467-HOME (847-467-4663).


PARENTS/FAMILIES | How will my student's roommate be selected?

Your student will indicate the preferred gender identity/expression of their roommate during the housing application process. If your student indicated they would like to live in All Gender Housing, and do not have a roommate preference, their roommate will be assigned to them.


PARENTS/FAMILIES | Why do people choose to live in All Gender Housing?

People choose to live in All Gender Housing for many reasons. For some students, it is based on their gender identity/expression or sexual orientation; others simply want to live with close friends of different genders. The decision to live in All Gender Housing doesn't necessarily mean anything about someone's identity or personal life.


PARENTS/FAMILIES | What is the difference between All Gender Housing and Co-Ed?

All Gender Housing means that any student, regardless of gender identity, can live in the same room in an All Gender Housing residence hall. Co-ed means that students live in one room with someone of the same gender identity, but both male and female identified students live on the same floor/building.


PARENTS/FAMILIES | What if my student doesn't want to live in All Gender Housing ?

Your student should indicate that they are not interested in All Gender Housing on their application. There are many housing options available on campus that are single gender by room and single or mixed gender by floor or building. Additionally, there is one all women’s and one all men’s residence hall.

While Northwestern University respects parents' involvement in their children’s lives, students are seen as adults with the freedom to choose their own housing. Residential Services would be happy to meet with your student to discuss all available housing options.