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Faculty and Staff Leaders

Area Leadership Teams


As leaders of residential areas, Faculty-in-Residence help set a programmatic vision for the community. They host regular social events to engage with residents in casual ways and connect them with each other. They also organize enriching cultural and intellectual events, which range from excursions to performances in Chicago to dinner discussions with special guests. The Faculty-in-Residence live in residence halls in apartments designed for welcoming large groups of students for meals, movie nights, and more.

Resident Directors

Resident Directors help lead the residential areas by developing educational and community-building programs, often in conjunction with campus partners and with the involvement of Resident Assistants. They meet regularly with the Faculty-in-Residence to ensure a robust mix of offerings to fulfill the needs of the diverse area communities. Resident Directors are also essential nodes in the network of care of support designed to promote resident well-being and success.

Residential College Staffs

Faculty Chairs

Each residential college Faculty Chair provides intellectual leadership, nurtures the fellows cohort, engages student members, and, where applicable, cultivates the college theme. Working with the student executive board, the Faculty Chair helps assemble a slate of academic and cultural events such as firesides, outings, student-fellow dinners, and more. The collaboration extends to developing a sense of community among students and between students and faculty. The cadre of fellows affiliated with each college makes student-faculty interaction a distinguishing feature of the residential colleges. The Faculty Chair is often the faculty member best known to college members, especially first-year students. 

Associate Chairs

Serving at the pleasure of the Faculty Chair, the Associate Chair of a residential college is ordinarily a faculty member, though is sometimes a staff member. The Associate Chair supports the Faculty Chair's goals and helps guide the student executive board. Associate Chairs regularly take the lead in organizing featured academic and cultural programs, such as book clubs or language tables.

Assistant Chairs

As the formal adviser of a college's student executive board, the Assistant Chair helps plan for students and faculty to come together in a spirit of social and scholarly community. The Assistant Chair is a Northwestern doctoral candidate student who, as a near peer for undergraduate members, helps introduce students to fellows (and vice versa) at events and during meals. The Assistant Chair holds weekly office hours in the college staff office to ensure regular availability to students for college business and informal discussions about their academic and professional development.