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Mission and Vision

Residential Services at Northwestern is committed to providing an environment that fosters the academic and personal success of every student.

Our Mission and Vision

Mission Statement

Residential Services focuses on the needs of residents and fosters the conditions for them to experience meaningful engagement, develop a sense of social belonging, help educate about and support well-being, develop agency in the residential experience, and champion an inclusive community.

Vision Statement

To inspire and provide an exceptional residential experience, centering well-being, social justice, and community engagement in state-of-the art facilities with seamless services.


The mission and vision of Residential Services support and align with the mission and vision of the Division of Student Affairs. We embrace the divisional values below as organizational values as well as the full Division of Student Affairs Strategic Plan.   

We lead with Compassion.
  • Approaching our work from a place of care and empathy.
  • Demonstrating concern for the welfare of others through decisions, words, actions, and owning our impact.
  • Seeking first to listen and understand.
  • Centering the humanity of others in our interactions.
We model Responsibility.
  • Upholding university and divisional policies and procedures.
  • Behaving in an integrous manner.
  • Stewarding resources ethically and sustainably, and in alignment with our mission.
  • Owning our mistakes, apologizing sincerely for them, and accepting consequences that may arise from these mistakes.
We commit to Social Justice.
  • Centering the most marginalized communities in our decisions, programs, and services.
  • Seeking out and actively including diverse perspectives.
  • Confronting people, policies, practices, and structures that inhibit equity and justice.
  • Holding ourselves and each other accountable for living this value in our work.
  • Assessing and disaggregating assessment data to better understand and co-create an equitable and inclusive Northwestern.
We embrace Well-being.
  • Role-modeling the integration of self-care and investment in our work.
  • Increasing our own understanding of well-being.
  • Connecting ourselves and others with resources to provide intervention and support.
  • Understanding our own limits and asking for help.
  • Maintaining awareness of our impact on the well-being of others 
We learn through Discovery.
  • Developing our own capacity and knowledge.
  • Being curious and open to learning.
  • Asking questions instead of ascribing intent.
  • Being open to and soliciting feedback and applying this learning to our own growth and development.
We engage in Collaboration.
  • Practicing open and authentic communication, grounded in dialogue and being clear about expectations.
  • Keeping division, campus, and community partners informed and involved.
  • Cultivating strong working relationships in and outside of our division.
  • Helping others develop through candid and constructive feedback.
  • Recognizing the contributions of others.

Our Learning Outcomes

Students who engage in programs and activities provided by Residential Services will:

  • Demonstrate self-awareness and empathy in their relationships with other students that will contribute to a positive sense of community within their residential neighborhood
  • Demonstrate personal responsibility in their decision making and be accountable for the impact on those decisions on themselves and others
  • Examine personal needs, interests, abilities, and growth areas, & identify and use this knowledge to inform their personal and professional goal