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Continuous Housing

Some students need to remain on campus during winter break for various reasons including prohibitive travel costs, safety and security issues, or adverse impacts to their health and wellness. To meet this need, Northwestern has developed an option for students to enroll in Continuous Housing, which provides students room and board in on-campus housing from the beginning of Fall Quarter through the end of Spring Quarter, including winter break.

Continuous Housing will be available in select undergraduate residence halls (710 Emerson1856 Orrington, and 1871 Orrington). Only these halls will remain open through Winter Break. Not all students in these buildings will have opted into Continuous Housing, but all students in Continuous Housing will live in these buildings. Students who select Continuous Housing will be able to rank their preferences among the three halls on their application. Students not enrolled in Continuous Housing must depart campus for Winter Break. If demand for Continuous Housing exceeds spaces available, those students with the greatest need will be given priority. We expect to have very limited, if any, options for Winter Break Housing for residents who are not enrolled in Continuous Housing.  

Students in Continuous Housing in the 2024-2025 academic year will be charged $2,300 for housing and dining to cover the additional 23 nights during Winter Quarter fee assessment in early December, regardless of the number of nights spent on campus during the break. Students who receive Northwestern financial aid should contact Brian Drabik, Director of Financial Aid Operations to discuss their eligibility for financial support for this cost.

It is important to note that while many services continue over Winter Break, there are significantly fewer people on campus. To maintain a safe environment, Residential Services may implement policies that are different than during the academic year. Failure to adhere to the expectations during the Winter Break period may result in a referral to the Office of Community Standards. Additional information about available resources, programming, staffing, and dining options will be available during Fall Quarter.

How to Select Continuous Housing 

New Students 

New students will preference Continuous Housing during the New Student Housing Assignment Process.  

Returning Students 

Returning students will select Continuous Housing during the Returning Student Room Selection Process