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Collection Box Policy

On a first-come, first-serve basis, Residential Services will consider requests from students and student organizations to place collection boxes in specified areas in the residence halls. Requests should be directed to the Resident Director of the building for approval. Approval will be granted for up to one week and may be revoked at any time. Organizations will be limited to one collection period per quarter. Priority will be given to organizations who have not recently been approved for a collection box. Collection boxes must be labeled with the name of the sponsoring organization and the name of the charity that the items will be donated to. They must also be regularly emptied, not attract pests, and be removed at the set date and time. Residential Services is not responsible for the contents of the boxes and may charge the sponsoring organization for disposal of items not collected according to plan. Email approval must be received by the RD before the boxes are distributed.

To request to place a collection box, please email the Resident Director of the appropriate building with the following information: