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Undergraduate Room Rates & Social Dues

Housing Room Rates 2024-2025

Housing Room Rates 2024-2025






 630 Emerson1871 OrringtonAllisonBobb-McCullochWillard



720 Emerson (Sigma Alpha Iota)Bobb-McCullochSargent  



1856 Orrington, 1871 Orrington2303 Sheridan, 2307 Sheridan2313 Sheridan2347 Sheridan2349 Sheridan, 584 Lincoln630 Emerson636 Emerson, 640 Emerson, 710 EmersonAyersChapinEast FairchildElderJonesNMQSMQRogersWest Fairchild   



1838 ChicagoSchapiroAllisonGoodrichKemperShepardSlivkaWillard 



1871 Orrington2307 Sheridan, 2347 Sheridan584 Lincoln, 636 Emerson, 640 Emerson, 710 Emerson,  720 Emerson (Sigma Alpha Iota)East FairchildLindgren, SargentWest Fairchild  



1838 Chicago, 1856 Orrington, 2303 SheridanSchapiro630 EmersonAllison, AyersChapin HallElderFoster-Walker, Goodrich, Jones, Kemper, NMQ, SMQ, Rogers, Shepard, SlivkaWillard

Rates listed are for the entire academic year (Fall, Winter, and Spring Quarters). Most undergraduate residence halls, residential colleges, and special interest communities close for Winter Break. Students who contracted for continuous housing in 710 Emerson, 1856 Orrington, or 1871 Orrington will be charged an additional $2,100 to cover the 21 nights of the winter break period. Very limited, if any, options for Winter Break housing will be available for undergraduate students who are not enrolled in continuous housing. All undergraduate housing remains open during Spring Break.  

Residential College and Special Interest Community Social Dues

Within some of our communities, one distinguishing feature are elected student leadership groups that organize activities beyond what is offered by a building's Resident Assistants or a Residential Area. These additional student-driven programs are funded by social dues, which appears on term bills separate from room and board. Residential Services coordinates with Undergraduate Financial Aid to ensure that the personal expense line of aid packages covers the highest dues levels. Students who wish to become members of a Residential College or Special Interest Community but do not live in the building where the program is housed may apply to become non-residential members. Social dues will remain the same in the 2024-2025 academic year.   

Residential College and Special Interest Community Social Dues
Residential Students Non-Residential Students
Per Student Per Quarter Per Student Per Year Per Student Per Quarter Per Student Per Year
Ayers College of Commerce and Industry $60 $180 $20 $60
Communications Residential College at East Fairchild $75 $225 $15 $45
Residential College of Cultural and Community Studies at 2303 Sheridan $51 $153 $25 $75
GREEN House $51 $153 $0 $0
Humanities Residential College at Chapin Hall $66 $198 $15 $45
International Studies Residential College at West Fairchild $45 $135 $15 $45
Public Affairs Residential College at North Mid-Quads $50 $150 $20 $60
Sigma Alpha Iota (SAI) $20 $60 N/A N/A
Residential College of Science and Engineering at Slivka Hall $70 $210 $35 $105
Shepard Residential College at South Mid-Quads $45 $135 $15 $45
Willard Residential College $53 $159 $25 $75
Women's Residential College at Hobart House $50 $150 $15 $45