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Things to Bring

As you prepare to move to campus, we encourage you to pack lightly to facilitate the move-in process. Consider purchasing items at local stores once arriving in Evanston or ordering items online to be shipped to campus.  

The Basic Necessities 

Suggested Health Items to Bring to Campus 

Shopping Green 

We encourage you to make environmentally conscious choices when moving on campus. Check out SustainNU’s suggestions below: 

Items Prohibited From Residential Facilities 

Items Prohibited From Student Rooms 

The following items can be used in common spaces and/or bathrooms: 

For a complete list of policies, please refer to the Residential Services policy page

Please note that prohibited items will be flagged and held when received at the Mail & Package Center. If prohibited items are flagged, the student will receive an email stating that a prohibited item has been received and provide next steps.