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Housing Accommodation and Exception Policy

Students may request an accommodation and/or an exception to the residency requirement. Any request for an accommodation or exception will require the proper documentation to support the request. This page is designed to help students and families navigate the accommodation or exception request to living on campus. 

Housing Accommodation:

A need or condition that requires a student to have a modification to their physical living environment and/or meal plan. Examples could include a physical alteration to a room for medical or psychological needs, a specific space/room type, or various food options/restrictions that are medically necessary. The goal of an accommodation request is to allow the student to fully participate in the Northwestern residential experience while remaining on campus.

Housing Accommodation Request

Housing Exception:

A request to waive the residency requirement. Exceptions may be considered for medical or psychological conditions, financial reasons, family, age, or other situations.   

All requests for either a housing accommodation or housing exception will be reviewed by a university committee comprised of members from the offices of Financial Aid, Counseling and Psychological Services, Residential Services, Health Services, Dining, Dean of Students, and others. Decisions will be made via university email to the student within four (4) weeks of submission. All decisions by the committee are final. All exception submissions are due by the housing contract deadline. Accommodation requests are accepted throughout the year.

Housing Exceptions Request