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Graduate Housing FAQ

What is the application deadline?

There are no application deadlines. While it is advisable to submit applications early to ensure you the best chance of securing housing, applications are processed and assignments are made on a first-come, first-served basis.

How is housing assigned? Can I choose my roommate?

Housing is assigned on a first-come, first-served basis. If you select to stay in a twin studio room, you will be assigned a roommate.

When can I move in?

Graduate contracts are for the fall, winter, and spring quarters. You will be able to move in on the first day of each quarter, no sooner. For the fall, graduate students who have a family apartment will be allowed to arrive earlier to enroll their children in school. Summer Housing will be subject to approval, based on when their program starts.

How close is the building located to campus?

For more information on getting around, please visit the Northwestern Transportation Services website

Engelhart Hall

Engelhart Hall is located at 1915 Maple Ave. The main campus is located approximately 4 blocks east of the building, easily accessible on foot or bike. See walking directions to main campus.
The Northwestern Shuttle makes several stops each day just south of the building for those who prefer not to walk. The Intercampus shuttle also makes stops in front of the building for residents traveling to the Chicago campus.

McManus Center

McManus Center is located just a few blocks from the Main Campus – about a 7 minute walk.  See walking directions. 

Garrett Place Apartments

Garrett Place Apartments are located on campus, adjacent to 2122 Sheridan Rd., just across from the Ford Motor Company Engineering Design Center. 

What is included in a furnished apartment? Are kitchen and bath accessories included?

All units are fully furnished. This includes a bed and desk in each room. All apartments have queen-sized beds. One, two, and three-bedroom apartments include living room furniture such as a couch, chair, and dining table with chairs. Although the units are furnished, each resident is responsible for providing kitchen and bath accessories (towels, dishes, silverware, pots, etc.). All university-provided furniture must remain inside each apartment.

Do I get a meal plan? What is included in the rent? Are utilities included? If so, which utilities?

All utilities (heat, electric, water, cable television) are included in the rent. You would only receive additional charges for any use of the optional land-line phone service. Because all apartments in Graduate Housing come with fully equipped kitchens, no meal plan is included in the housing charges. However, you may purchase a meal plan if you would like. For more information on meal plans, please visit the Northwestern Dining website. or contact the Food Service office at (847) 491-2020.

When I received my bill, it seems I am paying three or four months rent. Why is that?

We sometimes use monthly rental rates for comparison purposes, however we charge rent by quarterly amounts. The fall quarter is four months long, the winter and spring quarters are three months, and the summer quarter is two months.

When will I get my room deposit back?

Your room deposit will be credited to your student account during the month in which you move in. 

Is there public transportation located nearby?

There are multiple public transit options that run through campus and near all graduate residence halls including, Northwestern shuttles, Chicago Transit Authority, and Pace bus stops.  For more information on getting around, please visit the Northwestern Transportation Services website.

Can I end my contract early?

Under certain circumstances a student may be released from the residence contract during an academic quarter. The reasons are as follows:

  • academic dismissal disciplinary
  • exclusion from the University
  • induction into military service
  • health reasons, upon written recommendation of the Office of University Student Health Services

A student must apply for such release in writing, and in all cases written documentation substantiating the request must be provided to the Housing Office from the appropriate agency or office. To submit an online cancellation request please fill out our Graduate Housing Cancellation form. Please contact us for more information by sending a message to or calling 847-467-4663

What public schools would my child attend?

Elementary school students (grades K-8) can attend District 65 schools.

For more information, contact the District 65 office at 847-859-8000.


High school students (grades 9-12) can attend Evanston Township High School.

For more information, contact the Evanston Township High School at 847-424-7000.

Do graduate halls close over holiday and summer breaks?

No. All graduate housing is open year-round, unlike the undergraduate residence halls that are closed over summer and holiday breaks. You are free to stay in the building for the duration of your housing terms and conditions.