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2018 News Archive

This page provides all featured stories from our 2018 Dollars & Sense newsletters. You can also view our Current News or view Back Issues of our newsletter for more information.

Fall 2018

Published December 13, 2018
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Featured Stories

Streamlining of Procurement Related Processes 
Procurement and Payment Services is working with Northwestern IT to implement two system changes to streamline procurement related processes. Departments and schools may want to revisit some of their internal review processes based on these changes

Organizational Change Announcement
Please note that the functions of the Auxiliary Services unit, with the exception of Wildcard, has been moved from Facilities to Financial Operations.

Catering with Northwestern Dining
Part of the new Food Service contract is an enhanced catering program. Northwestern Dining catering services can accommodate any size, theme, or individual requirements, in virtually any location – on or off campus.

American Express Personal Liability Credit Card Program Discontinued  
As a result of recent enhancements to the University’s Corporate Card, the decision has been made to discontinue American Express personal liability program.

2018 Preferred Vendor Expo Review
This year’s show was a huge success, hosting more than 1,000 Northwestern attendees between the two campuses. The Preferred Vendor Expo provides an opportunity for the campus community to connect with our Preferred Vendors by meeting face-to-face to discuss ideas and learn about new offerings.

Credit Card Fraud Alert
A Corporate Card cardholder was recently the victim of an Executive Impersonation scam. This scam involves a fraudulent email pretending to be the executive to an individual that can provide valuable information or initiate payments. The email typically directs the targeted person to purchase gift cards or initiate wire transfer requests or checks.

Summer 2018

Published August 8, 2018
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Featured Stories

2018 Preferred Vendor Expo
The 2018 Preferred Vendor Expo will take place in August at the Evanston and Chicago campus.

New Procurement Standards being Implemented to Comply with Uniform Guidance
Procurement and Payment Services has been working with Research Financial Operations and ASRSP to implement new procedures to ensure Northwestern is in compliance with Uniform Guidance purchasing requirements.

Compass on Campus
After an extensive evaluation and considerable collaboration with all units responsible for food service on campus, a new contract has been awarded to Compass Group.

Cost Containment Strategies & Ideas
Procurement and Payment Services has pulled together ideas to help departments and schools operate in a more efficient manner from a purchasing and payment perspective.

New Purchasing Documentation Process to Replace Current BD Forms & SSJ Forms
A new streamlined process to document purchasing decisions made by departments and schools has been implemented.

Fiscal Year End Reminders
Visit the Northwestern Fiscal Year End website for key close information including dates, tasks, and contacts.

Reminder Regarding Charitable Donations by the University
The Charitable Donations by the University policy provides guidance for the unique occasions when Northwestern may donate to another not-for-profit entity.

Business Diversity Events Hosted by Procurement
A Diverse and Local Vendor Networking Event and Business Leaders Council Meeting was hosted by Procurement.

Spring 2018

Published April 3, 2018
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Featured Stories

Corporate Card Program Enhancements
The Corporate Card application with workflow functionality, cardholder guide, and website have been updated.

Ready Refresh Price Changes
Northwestern has agreed to a price increase for some items as well as a monthly charge for dispensers.

New Payment Request Inquiry Page
NUFinancials has been updated with a useful new Payment Request Inquiry page.

New Balance Calibration Program
The Fisher Stockroom has implemented a new balance calibration program which will be performed by Sartorius.

Chicago Campus Lab Coat Laundry Program Now Available
The Office for Research Safety (ORS) has initiated a pilot for a lab coat laundry program on the Chicago campus as of November 1, 2017.

Procure to Pay Course Available in myHR Learn
New employees are encouraged to complete the Procurement and Payments course on myHR Learn, which is an introduction to University business processes and effective business operations.

Dell Personal Purchases & Student Discounts
Along with our contract for faculty and staff discounts for business purchases (through iBuyNU), Dell also provides personal purchase discounts for students, faculty, and staff.

Supplier Registration Tips
We've provided some simple tips to remember when registering suppliers.