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Corporate Card Program Enhancements

April 3, 2018

Northwestern's Corporate Card is a key component of the overall University procurement strategy, which features a portfolio of tools that schools and departments can use for purchasing and payment.

The Corporate Card program provides cardholders with increased flexibility and a streamlined process for making small-dollar, low-risk business purchases, including travel- and entertainment-related items, rather than requesting reimbursement for personal funds expended. It also provides support staff with a more efficient process for reconciling these transactions via the existing expense report process.

New Benefits and Training

The Corporate Card application, cardholder guide, and website have been updated to reflect a standard option to enable travel and entertainment expenses on all cards. In addition, applicants will no longer be required to attend in-person training; they will instead have access to an online training module through myHR Learn. The enhanced card will be issued to applicants once they have supervisor and school/department approval and complete training.

These enhancements are now available. Please note that the decision to issue a corporate card to an individual (including having it enabled for travel and entertainment expenses) remains entirely up to the department or school. It is simply one of several purchasing and payment tools we offer to the University community.

If you have any questions, please contact Mary Hallissey, Manager of the Corporate Card Program, at 847.491.5340. More information is also available on the Corporate Card section of our website.

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