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Spring 2018
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Corporate Card Enhancements

Northwestern's Corporate Card is a key component of the University's procurement strategy, providing cardholders with increased flexibility and a streamlined process for making small-dollar, low-risk business purchases, including travel- and entertainment-related items.

The new Corporate Card application with workflow functionality, cardholder guide, and website have been updated. Applicants also have access to an online training module through myHR Learn. Learn more >

Ready Refresh Price Changes

Northwestern has agreed to new prices for some items as well as a monthly charge for dispensers. Learn more >

New Payment Request Inquiry Page

NUFinancials has been updated with a useful new Payment Request Inquiry page. Learn more >

New Balance Calibration Program

The Fisher Stockroom has implemented a new balance calibration program which will be performed by Sartorius. Learn more >

Lab Coat Laundry Program Available

The Office for Research Safety (ORS) has initiated a pilot for a lab coat laundry program on the Chicago campus as of November 1, 2017. Learn more >

Procure to Pay Course Available

New employees are encouraged to complete the course, which is an introduction to University business processes and effective business operations. Learn more >

Dell Personal Purchases & Discounts

Along with our contracted discounts on business purchases, Dell also provides personal purchase discounts for students, faculty, and staff. Learn more >

Supplier Registration Tips

We've provided some simple tips to remember when registering suppliers. Learn more >

Regular Features

New Contracts
Includes Heritage Environmental hazardous waste disposal and more

Changes to Existing Contracts
2018 Chicago hotel rates and a new contact for B&H Photo-Video

Contracts We're Working On
Includes food service, signage, computer recycling, and more

Sustainability Highlights
Learn about Northwestern's Strategic Sustainability Plan (2017-2021)

Wildcard Advantage Updates
Includes Volvo, Patagonia, Freehand Hotel, Z Breakfast Club, and more

General Reminders
Includes helpful hints when ordering furniture, arranging moving services, using Siteimprove, and more

Save Time & Money by Using Preferred Vendors & iBuyNU

We encourage you to use established Preferred Vendors to get more bang for your budget bucks. There are Preferred Vendors for a wide variety of goods and services such as Electronics, Catering, Hotels, Lab Equipment, Furniture, and more.

These vendors already have negotiated discounted pricing, are familiar with Northwestern's policies and procedures, and have dedicated reps to help you when needed.

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