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Dell Personal Purchases & Student Discounts

April 3, 2018

Along with our contract for faculty and staff discounts for business purchases (through iBuyNU), Dell also provides personal purchase discounts for students, faculty, and staff. Please see Northwestern's customized Dell portal for further details. Discount percentages vary, but prices include up to 30% off select Dell PCs, laptops, tablets, electronics, and accessories.

If a Northwestern school wants to highlight a specific model they suggest to their students for purchase, groups can create custom bundles that can be spotlighted as "standard configurations". This would make it easier for students to select the exact unit that is recommended by their school, which can be particularly helpful for incoming first-year students or students who are new to the University. If schools are interested in establishing standards for students, school representatives can contact our Dell Personal Purchase Account Representative,

Feel free to use this marketing flyer that can be distributed to any students, faculty, or staff who might be interested in learning more about this program.

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