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Streamlining of Procurement Related Processes

December 13, 2018

Procurement and Payment Services is working with Northwestern IT to implement two system changes to streamline procurement related processes.  These have been discussed with our PPS Advisory Board.  Departments and schools may want to revisit some of their internal review processes based on these changes:

  • Increase the three way match requirement for non-catalog Purchase Orders from $500 to $5,000.
    Non-catalog orders less than $5,000 would no longer require that the department or school do a receiver in NUFinancials to initiate payment.  This will result in vendors being paid in a more timely manner for low dollar purchases.  $5,000 is in alignment with the maximum allowable per transaction charge for the Corporate Card as well as the capital asset threshold.

  • Strategically eliminate low risk expense reports from the Accounts Payable review process.
    Expense reports that meet a predefined criteria will automatically be granted Accounts Payable approval after all supervisor and department approvals are completed. This update will result in a quicker turnaround and reimbursement of expenses. There will be no changes to the user experience or interface as a result of this change.
    • Accounts Payable will continue to review expense reports that fall into these categories:
      • Expense reports that do not have HR Supervisor electronic approval
      • Expense reports that do not have attachments
      • Expense reports that contain advances
      • Expense reports that contain transaction dates 90 days or older
      • Expense reports that are above $1,000
      • A random sampling of all expense reports
      • Procurement will also do some post audit review of expense reports throughout the year

If you have any questions, concerns, or feedback, please contact Jim Konrad at 847.491.8121 or

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