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Work at Norris

Norris is currently taking applications for the positions listed in the table below.

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These postings are for current or incoming full-time undergraduate Northwestern students only. Any invalid applicants should not expect a response from supervisors.Work-Study eligibility is preferred but NOT required (unless noted in specific job listing).

How to Apply
  1. Read the position descriptions linked to position titles below to decide which one(s) interest you.
  2. Prepare your cover letter and resume, as Word, text, or PDF files.
  3. Complete the Norris Job Application.
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Norris Open Positions:

Work at Norris Positions
Position Title Position Description  (click on title link for
detailed description)
Contact Information
Bookstore Assistant*

Bookstore Attendant*

Assists customers with questions and purchases, ensures items are stocked and organized. 

*Currently, this position is limited to students with Work Study

Steve Hannen
Bookstore – General Manager

Cashier Attendant

Cashiers Office Attendant

The Cashier’s Office Attendant is responsible for the daily operations of the Cashier’s Office. This position requires good communication and customer service skills. The Cashier's Office Attendant responds to inquiries, maintains the area, trains in cash handling, and audits and reconciles deposits, debit cards and tickets.  The position is limited to students with Work Study.

Ana Laura De Hoyos
Financial Administrator


Event Operations Attendant

Event Operations Attendant

The Norris Center Event Operations Attendants are vital members of the Event Management team. They are responsible for the setup and teardown of equipment for all events in the Norris Center, serving a wide range of clients in the building. The position is limited to students with Work Study.

Aeon Gaines
Manager of Event Operations


Event Planning Student Coordinator

Event Planning Student Coordinator

The Event Planning Student Coordinator is the face of the Event Planning team.  They are responsible for assisting all clients (student organizations, Northwestern Departments and campus offices) with planning, coordinating, and executing successful events and meetings in the Norris Center.  Student Event Planning Coordinator duties include managing online room reservations, updating online request forms as need be, and assisting with event reservations and client communication via email, phone or from walk-ins.  They might also take on administrative and operational projects such as taking reservations, copying, answering phones, and other clerical and administrative tasks that may be assigned from time to time.

Ayla Gundogdu
Event Planning Coordinator

Facilities Assistant

Norris Facilities Assistant

The Facilities Assistant at the Norris University Center will be responsible for ensuring the smooth operation and maintenance of the 160,000 square foot center's facilities and equipment. This includes performing routine maintenance tasks, providing customer service to students and staff, and assisting with larger projects. The ideal candidate will have excellent communication and organizational skills and be able to work independently as well as part of a team.

Tom Szymanski 
Facilities Manager


Norris Center Desk Attendant

Norris Center Desk Attendant

The Norris Center Desk is intended to act as the service center of the Norris University Center.  Center Desk Attendants are the first point of contact for clients and guests of Norris, and expected to represent Norris in a positive light. In addition to being initial point of contact in the building, the Center Desk also serves as a relay of information to other departments both in and out of the building. The Attendant is expected to have a can-do attitude and positive disposition when interacting with guests and clients of Norris.  Additionally, the position also serves as Box Office Attendant for pre-scheduled ticketed events facilitated by the Norris Box Office.

Jessica Ali
Operations Manager 

SOFO Financial Assistant

SOFO Financial Assistant

Student Organization Finance Office (SOFO) Financial Assistants are responsible for the effective operation for the Norris University Center, its departments, and for recognized student organizations. It is a position that comes with financial responsibility and accountability.  The position is limited to students with Work Study.

Lisa Edwards
Accounting Specialist


Technical Services - AV Technician

Technical Services AV Technician

The NTS AV Technician helps maintain equipment and staff events at the Norris University Center.  Technicians will also assist with AV rentals, troubleshoot equipment, and setup occasional outdoor events and other venues across campus.  The NTS AV Technician works closely with the Production team and the Performance and Satellites Venue team.

Aaron Meister
Technical Services Manager