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Norris Package System



Package pick-up is available during all hours that the Norris University Center is open. 


Center Desk, First Floor (map)

Package Pickup

All packages received by the Center Desk are logged into PackageZen, our official tracking program for packages delivered to the Center Desk at 1999 Campus Drive. Receiving an email from PackageZen indicates that we have received your package at the Center Desk. If you have received any notification from the sender (Amazon, UPS, FedEx, etc), it does not indicate that we have your package yet. 

To pick up your package, please go to the Norris Center Desk, located on the First Floor, and show the attendants the email you received from PackageZen.  Someone from the Norris Operations team will meet you there to retrieve your package.  In order to pick up your package a Wildcard, Driver's License, or State ID must be presented.

Package Policy

Frequently Asked Questions

"Amazon says that my package has been delivered, but I have not received an email from PackageZen!"

"Can I have someone else pick up my package for me?"

"Can I use Norris' address for FedEx to pickup my package?"