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Norris Package System



Package pick-up is available during all hours that the Norris University Center is open. 


Center Desk, First Floor (map)

Package Pickup

If you receive an email indicating that your package has been delivered to the Norris University Center, please respond to the email and indicate when you are available to pick up your package.  To pick up your package, please go to the Norris Center Desk, located on the First Floor.  Someone from the Norris Operations team will meet you there to retrieve your package.  In order to pick up your package a Wildcard, Driver's License, or State ID must be presented.  If you are not able to pick up your package and would like to designate someone else to do so, please email to specify who will be picking up the package.  Please note, if you do not pick up your package within one month, Norris Administration reserves the right to open and/or dispose of your package.

Package Tracking

Norris Packages is the official tracking program for packages delivered to 1999 Campus Drive.  It is our pleasure to hold your item(s) for pick up, however we do not take custody of said item(s).  Receiving an email from indicates that we have received your package.  If you receive any notifications from the sender, we do not have your package. Some packages from UPS may have been delivered to Mail Services at 2020 Ridge Avenue, Evanston, IL 60208 and will be distributed by Northwestern Mail services within 1-2 business days.