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Student Employee Recognition

Thanks to all of our students who worked Fall Quarter 2020!

Click here for special kudos from the Norris professional staff

Norris Student Employee of the Year

Brent Claypool - Game Room

Distinguished Leadership Award

Deborah Olabisi Shoola - Mini Courses

Julia Tesmond - Norris Center Desk

Caroline Werner - Norris Center Desk

Cassidy Cottle - Norris Operations

Andrew Walker - Norris Outdoors

Molly Gregory - SOFO

Lauren Crittenden - Production

Jacob Montgomery - Facilities

Outstanding Team Player

Ashley Woods - Norris Event Planning

Sydney Johnson - PSV

Mohammed Habib - Game Room

David Horton - Norris Operations

Andrea Patete - ARTica Studios

Christian Bourdon - Production

Exceptional Professionalism Award 

Rika Ko - ARTica Studios

Megan Culligan - Norris Event Planning

Matthew Gaschler - Game Room

Grace Kelly - Norris Operations

John Endres - SOFO

Austin Matloff - Production

Ikechi Chijuba Ihemeson - Facilities 

Outstanding New Employee Award

Ellen Yilun Bao - Norris Event Planning

Joseph Shilati

Hannah Barton - Dittmar Gallery

Syed Zulgadar - Game Room

Hannah Sudworth - Center Desk Attendant

Gregory Voelkel - Production

Cynthia Zhang - Production

Exemplary Customer Service Award

Josiah Bonifant - Norris Event Planning

Ala Jankowski - ARTica Studios

Katia Podtynov - Norris Operations

Aili Simpson - Norris Outdoors

Alyssa Peterson - Center Desk Attendant

Chayda Harding - SOFO

Delisa Santana - Production

Custom Awards

Outstading Staff Support

Rachel Reizburg - PSV

Phoenix Award

Cristina Hernandez - ARTica Studios

Outstanding Initiative Award

Ram Tiwari - Dittmar Gallery