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SOFO Forms

Check Advance Reconciliation Form

Check Advance Reconciliation Form (PDF) - Used after the money from a check advance is used for its specific purpose.


Please visit the Student Organizations & Activities website for more information on contract procedures

  • Northwestern University Contract and Rider Agreement (PDF) 
    • Generic contract used for payments for individual services, company services, or rentals.
    • Any payments that involve terms and conditions are considered a contract.
    • This document acts as both contract and rider, which were formerly separate documents.

Payments to Individuals will also need:

  • Blank W-9 Tax Form (PDF) - (For individuals NOT employed by the University)
    • This form is needed for tax purposes, for individuals who are NOT employed by Northwestern University.
    • Must be signed pen-to-paper (no typed or stylus signatures).
    • Must be dated within the current calendar year.
  • University Employee Additional Pay Form (PDF) - (For individuals employed by the University)
    • This form is used for payments made to individuals that are currently employed with Northwestern University.
    • The amount recorded on this form will be subject to tax.  If you have questions please contact SOFO at

Event Planning Form (For Grad Groups)

Event Planning Form (for graduate groups) (PDF)

Petty Cash Pay-out Form

Petty Cash Pay-out Form (PDF) - Used for reimbursement requests under $30.

Motor Pool Form

Student organizations wishing to utilize Northwestern's Motor Pool should go through the following steps:

  1. Go to the Motor Pool's website and familiarize yourself with their policies and procedures. The website can be found  here:
  2. Make a reservation before coming to SOFO and ensure anyone who will be driving is listed on the Motor Pool Form (PDF).
  3. All drivers must take the defensive driving course and be awarded certification. The list of certified drivers can be found here.
  4. Bring the completed form to SOFO at least 24 hours before the date on your reservation:
    • The form must have the signature of both officers and the advisor.
    • If traveling outside the Chicago area (more than 150 miles), Brent Turner, the Executive Director of Campus Life, will also need to sign.
  5. Forms turned into SOFO will be reviewed and faxed to the Motor Pool office on behalf of the student organization. Officers should follow up with Motor Pool to confirm that their reservation is complete.

Please note: the Motor Pool will charge a deductible of at least $500 per instance in the case of an accident (and only if there is an accident). Student organizations must have enough funds to cover the cost of vehicle rental plus the potential deductible.

Void Check Request

Void Check Request (PDF) - Used to void a check issued from group's account.

Policy Exception Form

Policy Exception Form (PDF)

Change of Advisor Form

Change of Advisor Form (PDF) - Used to change your group's advisor with SOFO.

Account Reconciliation Form

Account Reconciliation Form (PDF) - Used to reconcile group accounts at the end of each quarter.

Ledger Worksheet

The ledger is used to record all the group's transactions. It is necessary for the account reconciliation process at the end of every quarter and should be passed down from treasurer to treasurer.

We have several Ledger Templates available:

Excel Ledger Template - contains an automatic calculation formula compatible with Excel (.xlsx)

Google Sheets Ledger Template - contains an automatic calculation formula compatible with Google Sheets

PDF Ledger Template - for printing only, if you want a hand-written paper ledger (not recommended)